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One in three Kiwis have shopped online while drunk

  • Written by Finder

More than a third of New Zealanders have drunkenly shopped online, according to new research by global comparison site Finder.

A nationally representative survey of 1,507 respondents revealed 37% of Kiwi adults – equivalent to over 1.3 million people – have purchased whilst intoxicated.

The research shows Gen Z are the worst drunk shoppers – with more than half (55%) having made a purchase while under the influence, followed by Gen Y (52%).

Men are the worst offenders with 38% admitting shopping online while drunk, compared to 35% of women. 

Angus Kidman, Finder’s editor at large in New Zealand, said a night of shopping while under the influence could lead to buyers' remorse. 

“For those who have ever jumped online for a late night shopping spree while under the influence – the survey numbers suggest you’re not alone. 

“I can relate – I've booked airline tickets after a few glasses of red, which is not really sensible behaviour.”

The most popular things to splash the cash on are food delivery, alcohol and clothes or shoes, while more outlandish purchases include airline tickets and pets.

But shopping is not the only drunk activity Kiwis are indulging in.

Some have even gone as far as applying for a job (5%) and applying for a house or apartment (2%).

Worryingly 3% of Kiwis had applied for credit while affected from alcohol – everything from a credit card to a personal loan.

Kidman said it’s best to shop with a clear head.

“Being alert and comparing more efficiently means you could potentially save yourself some money in the process,” he said.

What drunk shoppers spent their money on (%)

Item Percentage
Food delivery 18%
Clothes or shoes 13%
Alcohol 13%
Groceries 10%
Beauty or skincare 6%
Technology (e.g. TV, a phone) 6%
Airline tickets 5%
Entertainment tickets 5%
Sporting equipment 4%
A pet 3%
Source: Finder survey of 601 respondents who have shopped online while drunk

Other drunken activities Percentage
Signed up for a dating site 8%
Applied for a job 5%
Applied for a house/apartment 2%
Applied for credit 3%
Source: Finder survey of 601 respondents who have shopped online while drunk
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