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All You Need to Know About Surfing in Australia

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Australia is famously known for being a surfing spot. Given that it is filled with beautiful turquoise waters and perfect spots to catch a wave. If there is a place where all surfers want to be, it is definitely in Australia.

Surfing is one of the most practiced skills in Australia. There are various surfing spots depending on the level of expertise of the surfers. There are some quiet and calm places where even tourists can learn how to surf. And then, there are even some more private and reserved spots for surfers that are more agile and have far more experience.

Australia is even home to various surf camps, given that not only is the weather ideal for surfing all the time, but there are waves of every level all year long. Now, if you are planning a trip to Australia and you are looking into catching some waves, here is everything that you should know beforehand about surfing in this place.

Surfing Seasons

Australia's weather can be a little crazy. Some days might look sunny and perfect for a beach day, while others might be cold and rainy. Despite the climate, Australia is known for being a great place to surf all year long. The waves are amazing all the time and therefore surfing is possible all the time.

The best-surfing destinations

The most visited surfing spots in Australia are broken down between the South, the East, and the West. These are the most popular areas where surfers can be seen catching waves all year long. Some of the most visited surfing spots in Australia include Gold Coast, New South Wales, Sunshine Coast in Queensland, The Great Ocean Road, Prevelly Park, Bells Beach, among other great surfing destinations around the country.

Surf camps

If you are new to surfing but want to experience this side of Australia, then you definitely want to enroll in a surfing camp. Not only is this a great way to learn the sport, but you get to experience actual Australian waves side to side with surf experts who not only know the area, but they can coach you through your surfing journey.

Dangers Of Surfing In Australia

Another important piece of information on surfing around Australia is that there are various dangerous factors that you need to be aware of. Especially as a new surfer, you want to take into consideration that Australia is famously known for its marine life, which includes sharks on top of the list. In the same way, if this is the first time that you will be surfing, you definitely want to be careful of the tides and the reefs that might be around you. In the same way, Australia is known for its surfing waves, which means that while they might look huge and impressive, they are also incredibly powerful, therefore take the necessary precautions when going out in the open water.


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