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A Stylish Kitchen on a Small Budget

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Building a kitchen or renovating it could be a costly affair but that doesn’t mean you have to shy away from it. It is something that you got to do for your home in the best possible way. But are you tight on your budget? And is it stopping you from crafting the kitchen of your dreams? If yes, say no more because we from our experts specialising in affordable kitchen renovations in Sydney; we have brought for you a few tips to design a stylish kitchen on a small budget. So, go through the list and, with us, build a stylish kitchen that will uplift the look of your home.

  1. Add a Kitchen Splashback

If you wish to build a stylish kitchen and that too on a budget, you can never say no to a kitchen backsplash. It is one element that will take the look of your kitchen several notches higher in a moment without you having to invest a lot. Imagine a kitchen built in a neutral tone with simple white cabinets and flooring and then a textured blue splashback adding a colourful undertone to it, it does look aesthetic and stylish, doesn’t it? A splashback comes in different materials, styles and colours and you can pick the one that best compliments your kitchen.

Also, a kitchen backsplash is not just an aesthetic addition but also a functional one as it will reduce the chances of tough stains ruining the look of your kitchen to the minimum. And more so because they are installed in your cooking area that is most prone to such stains.

  1. Organise Your Kitchen With Cabinets

A kitchen without cabinets is like a living room without a sofa, doesn’t make sense right? Your kitchen is not just where you cook but where you store all your appliances, cooking ingredients, utensils, etc. If they are all put to display in an unorganised fashion , it will ruin the look of your kitchen. So, a key to a stylish kitchen is to build as many cabinets, drawers and cupboards as you can, and use them to store everything.

For your cabinets, you can go for any colour of your choice, one that stands out or merges with the rest of the elements. And to spice it up even more you can get creative with the handles and go for an antique or unique design rather than a simple linear bar handle.

  1. Add Decorative Elements of Your Choice

This is where your creativity comes into the picture. No matter how simply designed the space is, creativity could turn it into the most aesthetic and stylist space. And that goes for your kitchen too. From indoor plants, minimalist frames, artworks, beautiful herb holders, wall plates to mount baskets, you can choose anything and use them to give a creative edge to your kitchen. With them, even a kitchen with a simple layout and design can be shaped into a stylish one.

You just have to make the right choice and choose those decor items that will work well with your kitchen renovations . But make sure not to overdo it and keep the style uniform throughout, otherwise, it would seem like a clumsy patchwork and ruin the look of your kitchen.

  1. Change Your Kitchen Flooring

Invest in your kitchen’s flooring and what you will end up with is a durable and stylish kitchen. You can go for hardwood flooring and give your kitchen a modern, classy and evergreen look. Tiles are also a great option considering their variety in terms of colour and texture. Flooring has the potential to determine the aesthetics of your kitchen and if you make the right choice on this front, you can build a stylish kitchen without having to spend a lot on the rest of the elements.

  1. Switch to Modern Lighting

Next up on our list is lighting. Today when it comes to lighting up your kitchen, the options available are numerous.

  • * General, ambient lighting to brighten up the space.

  • Task lighting for your countertops, cooking spaces and cabinet surfaces.

  • Cabinet lighting for beautifully lighted cabinets.

  • Decorative hanging lights like pendant lights for a style statement.

Just having these lights in your kitchen would give it a stylish look that you had envisioned for your kitchen. And also, if your kitchen has proper lighting, it would highlight all the features of your kitchen including contrasts and decor items without you having to invest a lot on that front.

  1. Upgrade Your Kitchen Worktop

A worktop is central to any kitchen and it is also that element that loses its flair with time. Why? Because of the number of stains and spills that it experiences daily. If you are renovating your kitchen or building a new one, choose a worktop that is easy to clean or resistant to stains. The most popular materials for kitchen worktops are granite, wood, quartz, glass or stainless steel. These materials are preferred because of their durability and the aesthetics that they bring to the picture. You can pick the ones that best suit your kitchen and upgrade its look from them.

So, add all these elements to your kitchen and you are all set to build a stylish kitchen for your home under a budget. Now, these are only the basics and there is a lot that one needs to figure out when building a kitchen. But you don’t have to worry because our team at Inspired Kitchen is there to assist you with all. Get in touch with us today and build a budget-friendly kitchen for your home.


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