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Misc., an all-new 300-seat restaurant

Delicious food meets breath-taking scenery with the long-awaited opening of landmark venue, Misc. Nestled within World Heritage listed Parramatta Park, the sophisticated yet approachable 300-seat venue, ready to become a cultural hub within the beating heart of Parramatta.  

Taking full advantage of its location, the multi-purpose restaurant – designed by renowned interior designer Nic Graham known for his work with the QT hotels – was meticulously made to fit your busy lifestyle. With a modern courtyard restaurant to the left and terrace events space to the right, the jaw dropping urban establishment is serving flavourful food within an alfresco setting. Need you go elsewhere? 

With a pinch of audacity and a natural knack for innovation, restaurateur and beloved Gogglebox larrikin, Jad Nehmetallah said he wanted to introduce a new concept and a new vibe to Parramatta, and Misc. is it. 

“Western Sydney has been waiting for a spot to proudly call their own. At Misc., we offer an unmatched dining experience, partly due to our wine cocktail list never seen before in the Western suburbs, as well as a beautiful retail section with curated products from local and international providores alike. Whether you desire a picnic in the park or bottomless brunch, Misc. can make it happen,” Mr Nehmetallah said. 

“We’re sophisticated, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. The focus is on the food and what it means to different people. It’s in my blood to bring people together; to create family, fun and full stomachs. Now I’m doing it on a larger scale.” 

“We want you to come in, embrace the surroundings, listen, eat, drink, share, pour, break (flat)bread - it’s what Misc. is all about.”  

Misc. Executive Chef Sebastian Geray is behind the pass, crafting a mesmerising menu, alongside industry steer, Joel Bennetts, making traditional Mediterranean food feel far more approachable. With the majority of the menu designed to be shared, you can get a taste for a bit of this and a bit of that, before coming back for more. 

“Get comfy, have a laugh, and enjoy a communal and social experience with delectable food as a highlight,” Mr Geray said. 

“We're an all day restaurant with a separate breakfast and lunch offering. You can snack, share or enjoy one of our signature specials.” 

“From our breakfast menu, our in-house focaccia or flat bread paired with all of our sides is the perfect way to start your day. If you’re in for lunch, the beef tartare, king prawns and the barramundi are to die for.”  

From long lunches that bleed into after work drinks to an event space special enough to see your brother say, “I do”, Misc. is the jack of all (hospitality) trades. With all the space, functionality, and outdoor freedom your current local jaunt could only dream of, Misc. is a must-see for all Western Sydney locals.                

Misc. spearheads its own culinary category for the local community. Opening their doors on Tuesday 4th October, head to misc.parramatta for all bookings, enquiries, and further information on the venue.  

  • Opening hours: Monday - Sunday 8am - 4pm
  • Address: Misc. is located inside Parramatta Park | “Little Coogee” Bynes Avenue, Parramatta Park, NSW 2150 



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