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Different Types of Printing to try out on Promotional Coffee Mugs

If you have plans to place an order or purchase promotional coffee mugs in bulk, before that, you should understand how promotional custom mugs are produced. Opting for the right printing process would bring in the best results to buy promotional coffee mugs. You could make a decision based on the design budget and product longevity needs. Other than coffee mugs, you can also check for lanyards from Simply Merchandise and order them in bulk by including the custom message and logo.

Read on to find out different ways that are implemented to print coffee mugs.

Direct screen printing

This method is mainly used for low budget printing purposes. This type of printing is made on bone china and earthenware mugs. Screen printing devices would be used where the ink would pass through a mesh screen and over the stencil of the desired image. The stencil would have small holes that would affect the final image which gets printed on the mug. This process would suit small and simple designs where the image registration and overlapping colours are less demanding. It can produce complex halftone colours as each colour would remain in its place and is independent of any adjacent colour. The cheap promotional mugs would work as long as it is printed well and the design is simple. Ask for budget-friendly and cheap, they could be mass-produced for a cheaper investment. You could purchase blank mugs in bulk and have a printing company take care of the rest of the process for you.

Transferring litho print logos on mugs

Litho printing or transfer printing is a conventional method. The print is out on bone china mugs, ceramic and earthenware. The design gets litho-printed on a special paper and is then cover-coated on the mug. Once the coating is done, the print goes into a water slide transfer and is applied by hand on the mugs. This method is slower and dreams more labour to direct screen printing. However, this could be more flexible when it comes to colours and has a four colour printing process. It could be used on promotional mugs with average to large building areas. It has image detailing and tight registration. If you have longer deadlines and a budget, you could implement this type of print on the mugs which would pay off with more eye-catchy designs.

Digital printing

This is a popular printing technique that imprints a design or an image directly on specially coated paper. This is similar to transfer painting where the images are applied to the mug with the help of a water slide transfer. The materials used are plastic films or foils.


This is the only process that promises vibrant print design and accurate colour reproduction. It makes use of organic coloured ice and uses heat transfer to increase the desired at work on the mug by making sure that the mug would look brand new even after prolonged use.

Pad printing

This is a technology that could be used to etch images onto mugs. It makes use of high-performance materials to stamp an exceptional image design.

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