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The Top Benefits of SEO in Australia for 2024!

With the SEO specialists in Australia popping up everywhere, SEO seems to be the buzzword for organic online growth for Aussie businesses. But is it just a buzzword or is there a reason people are getting on board?

Let's go through the best advantages of harnessing the power of SEO in 2024.  

Organic Search Traffic Straight to You

Organic traffic is when people find you through the search engine, not through paid avenues. This is highly valuable traffic as the search engine knows who’s clicking on what and how long they’re staying on the website and uses this to determine which websites are better than others. 

When you do SEO right and optimise for Google's website crawlers, you can make sure you get the right ranking to bring this search traffic right to you, and some of these techniques include using the right keywords and doing high-quality link building.  

Cost-Effective Lead Generation

Lead generation is when you try to find people who are already interested in your brand and bring them to you. This is better than cold calling or sending unsolicited emails because it feels more personal. SEO allows you to tap into these people with keywords, retargeting, and link building to name a few.  

Much Better Brand Awareness

Everyone wants to be a leader in the industry and have everyone think of you as the go-to brand, but with so many websites out there, the only way to do this is with a great SEO strategy. This does take time, but in the hands of the right people, you can become a household name, with more people discovering you naturally through other industry leaders, social media marketing, and more.  

What Competition? 

Everyone has competition, but if you want to get to the point where you’re everyone else’s competition, SEO can help. One core foundation of SEO is competitor research and that’s when you look into your competitors to see what they’re doing and what you can exploit that they’re missing out on. It’s helpful and a key to success in competitive worlds.  

Mobile Users Are Welcome

As more and more people start religion on mobile phones as an extension of themselves, the need to have a mobile-optimised website is vital, so these people can find you, connect with you, and enjoy your work. Imagine for example someone checking out your social media, they love it, and they want to know more, but they’re on their phone, and your website hasn’t been optimised. It's too hard for them to use, so they leave the website and choose another brand that’s got a mobile optimised website. 

By doing mobile optimisation your website and your brand can be in everyone’s hands as they browse on the train, or during a boring work meeting. 

More Trust, More Sales, More Cool Stuff

When you do SEO over time, a lot of things happen. The first and coolest one is that people start to trust you. You‘re on the first page of Google search results, your website is easy to use, and helpful, other people are talking about you, and you seem like a brand they know, so they’re more likely to make multiple purchases, tell friends, and leave reviews.

However, this process takes time and goes back to what we mentioned earlier about SEO being an ongoing thing, so you do need to commit to long-term SEO to get results this great, it's just the way Google prefers things to be done. 

More People Come Visit You

Does your business have a physical store? Well, there’s good news on your horizon because SEO isn’t just about online businesses, it’s also great for businesses that have physical storefronts. I mean, think about it, we’re sure you’ve quickly Googled ‘restaurants near me’ when date night was approaching, or a birthday was coming up. 

This process overall is known as Local SEO, and it's when you optimise Google My Business listings (this is what people see when they search on Google Maps) and other small details on your website to make sure people find you when they’re in your area and already looking for something you provide. 

When done right, this can become great traffic through your door, but you need to put in the work to keep things up to date and make sure open hours are accurate, information on the website is up to date and people know what they’re getting before they come in.  

Who Do You Call?

Perfect link building, they’re an Aussie company, run by locals, for locals. They do global stuff, yes, but they are at heart a brand for local Aussie businesses. Operated by a team of experts in data-driven SEO, they can get your business to where it needs to go!

Contact them here when you’re ready: 

Contact Us

Level 15, Unit 1504, 50 Murray St, Sydney, NSW 2000

+61 (0) 2 8005 8005


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