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Aged care homes – COVID-19 vaccination rates now available online

The Albanese Labor Government has now made COVID-19 vaccination rates of aged care residents publicly available to increase vaccination uptake as part of the Government’s Winter Plan.
From today, 1 August 2022, the aggregated data for each residential aged care home will be available in both a list and interactive map.
The data will be updated weekly on the Department of Health and Aged Care’s website,
The Labor Albanese Government’s Winter Plan to boost vaccination rates is already working.
At the start of June, less than 60 per cent of residents had a fourth COVID-19 dose but vaccination rates have now increased to 78.8 per cent of eligible residents in aged care facilities.
Minister for Aged Care the Hon. Anika Wells, said the now public information on third and fourth dose vaccination rates would drive further vaccination rates in the sector.
“COVID-19 vaccination rates have risen significantly since Minister Mark Butler and I jointly wrote to aged care providers urging them to support residents to access a fourth dose,” Minister Wells said.
“I strongly encourage aged care providers to continue to organise fourth doses as soon as residents are eligible, to ensure they have maximum protection.”
The vaccination information is drawn from the Australian Immunisation Register.

The published information does not take account the eligibility of aged care residents for a COVID-19 vaccine following COVID-19 infection.
Each residential aged care home’s vaccination rate is published as a range, for example 80 to 89 per cent, to protect residents’ privacy.
Privacy laws and policies relevant to electronic publishing of health data also apply to the publication of aged care residents’ COVID-19 vaccination rates.
Residential aged care homes are responsible for ensuring their aged care residents have access to recommended COVID-19 vaccines as soon as they are eligible.  


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