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Negotiating Tree Removal: Tips For Getting The Best Deal

  • Written by The Times

Even though trees have numerous benefits, there are situations when they need to be removed. For example, you must remove a tree lying too close to your house or a dying or diseased tree. Remember, professional tree removal services come at a price. However, the safety that comes with it is worth every penny. Tree removal Mandurah is a huge job that requires skilled precision. However, you can negotiate the cost to get a good deal. You can do the following to save money and get a good deal on the services.

  • Remove Several Trees at the Same Time

The first trick to getting the best deal is cutting down several trees. The more trees you want to be removed, the lower the price. Therefore, consider negotiating the price based on the number of trees you will cut down. You may want to remove a pest-infested tree, clear shrubs around your home, or build a patio. The professionals will be willing to lower the price if you give them more work.

  • Hire a Local Company

Another secret to getting the best deal is by hiring a local company. Local companies are willing to offer lower prices since most don’t have many employees. Furthermore, hiring a local tree removal company supports your local economy. You must only confirm that the company is insured, licensed, and bonded. Such elements will keep you safe from scammers and unqualified firms.

  • Look for Removal Options

Apart from hiring professional tree removal services, you can also look for other options to have the tree removed for free. For example, a utility company may be willing to cut down a tree if the branches are dangerously lying on power lines. The city council may also want to cut down a tree if it messes up the sewer system.

  • Ask For a Discount

You can also ask for a discount from the pro. Tree removal companies offer discounts to their customers based on various things. Therefore, when searching for a company, check the discounts they offer and if you qualify for them. If you get a referral company, ask about their offers that could help you save money.

  • Clean Up Yourself

Professionals also factor in the cost of cleaning up after tree removal. Therefore, you can lower the cost by choosing to DIY the cleanup. However, before going for this option, consider the cost of DIY versus having the company clean up the place. You might have to rent equipment, including a dumpster, which can be expensive. So, compare the two options and go with the cheapest.

  • Keep the Wood

Another way to save money is by keeping the wood. Ask the pros how much they will charge against the total price if they don’t have to haul the wood. The company may transport the wood for free, saving you more money.


These are tricks that can help you save money on tree removal services. Ensure you negotiate with the pros and choose to cut down several trees. Hiring a local company and DIY cleaning after removing the tree is also advisable.


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