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Elcom Digital Experience Platform Exceeds Projections for Deployments of New Version Release, V11.5

Elcom Digital Experience Platform Exceeds Projections for Deployments of New Version Release, V11.5

SYDNEY, June 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Elcom, a leading Digital Experience Platform used by organisations to efficiently deliver their digital-first strategies through their intranets, digital workplaces, websites, mobile apps and portals, has exceeded projections for the number of deployments of their new version release, Elcom V11.5, in the first half of the calendar year.

Elcom V11.5 Digital Experience Platform Elcom V11.5 Digital Experience Platform

In a world where hybrid working arrangements are the norm, overhauling legacy systems to meet employee and customer demands for more streamlined and digitally accessible experiences, is now a priority. As a Digital Experience Platform, Elcom is at the center of digital change offering solutions to connect and effectively reach staff, customers, suppliers, partners and other key internal and external stakeholders.

Tracey Schneider, Software Development Director at Elcom, comments, "We build our product for users, whose feedback is visible in the continued features and focus on ease of use. We empathise with their struggles and frustrations experienced due to COVID-19 and have focused on giving them a platform they need to make a real difference in their organisation. We are extremely proud of what we have achieved with this release - we have listened and acted, and it's reflected in the uptake we've seen."

Clients have praised Elcom's user-friendly core publishing and authoring experience, powerful automation capabilities to streamline processes and native integration to third party systems. "Earlier this year industry experts ClearBox Consulting awarded Elcom with the Intranet Choice for Value from over 75 global products reviewed in-depth, for offering a mature well-rounded product at an attractive price. It is wonderful to see our customers feel the same way and have chosen to deploy Elcom V11.5 for their organisation," said John Anstey, Founder and CEO of Elcom. "The Elcom Platform brings together all the best features of a digital experience solution into one user- friendly design, tailored to their needs."

Built from feedback from clients, Elcom V11.5 provides:

  • Automatic article publishing. Non-technical users can quickly change a layout with the new Defined Content Article feature, by dropping a commonly used template of code on a page, such as an accordion, list of links or tiles with static data; all without having to work with a content editor. With the Structured Authoring module, staff can automatically publish articles from a template by filling in a form. Now more article attributes and metadata options are available for articles including the ability to add in start and expiry dates, as well as a short article description.
  • Easy event publishing and promotion. Enabling audiences to submit events on a site has never been easier. Simply set up the page with the Event Structured Authoring interface. External audiences then fill in a form that publishes their event using a standard template once approved by an administrator through a workflow.
  • Repurpose and reuse content. Several enhancements have been made to dynamic widgets, which automates the process of repurposing and reusing content across a site. Make it easier for end users to find what they need with the ability to add to their Favourites list directly from a widget, increase search options for widgets such as custom metadata, add additional tags for use in widget templates, access new widget sort order capability, and refine widgets by event specific data such as event type and location.
  • Flexible forms and automation. Forms and workflows are more powerful than ever. With V11.5, you can populate a dropdown field on a form from an external data source via custom code such as a list of sports venues or store locations. When forms are submitted, users now have the option to email multiple people including article owners and users selected on the form. In addition, workflow baskets can be setup so that approvers can only see and approve certain form fields, ensuring you avoid overwhelming them with unnecessary fields to look through.

For more information on the benefits of Elcom V11.5, visit[1]

For more information on the Elcom Digital Experience Platform, visit[2]

About Elcom

For over 20 years, Elcom[3] has been driving digital transformation across medium to large organisations, helping them to achieve significant cost and time savings. Our flagship product, the Elcom Digital Experience Platform, is the backbone of over 1,000 intranet, portal, website, mobile and learning management deployments; enabling our clients to deliver exceptional online experiences, while achieving operational and administration efficiency. Elcom is used by organisations across all industries including Inner West Council, The King's School, Austrade, Anglican Care, FB Rice, CS Energy, Volkswagen Australia, Orica and Forty Winks.


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