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Pet-Friendly Moving: A Stress-Free Guide

29% of Australian homes have cats, compared to 38% who own dogs. You add more furry family members to each house as you add strange creatures like rabbits, rats, and reptiles.

Australians migrate so frequently that it is not unusual to see animals traveling with people. However, moving with dogs can be complicated, particularly if you're already managing a lot. But you can avoid stress while moving with pets by hiring a cheap removalists Brisbane that would not only save your money but take away your stress too.

Here are some excellent suggestions to help your dog cope with the move less anxiously.

1) Provide suitable carriers for your dogs to travel in.

You know how difficult it can be if you have ever attempted to fit your pet tightly into a carrier. Furthermore, they're likely unhappy indoors, which could be the reason behind their bothersome sounds, like barking or yowling.

Acclimatizing your pets to being in crates or carriers is imperative to prevent this on the big day.

First, let the carrier into your house by opening the door. Ultimately, you can use toys, snacks, blankets, and other cozy items to entice your pets inside. It will feel more comfortable and secure longer in the carrier.

You can take your pet on brief trips if it is at ease in its kennel. Increase the duration of the excursion by ten minutes at a time, beginning with a 10-minute one.

Your pets will get acclimated to the carrier and longer rides with time. They will gladly get into the airline and remain silent when it's time to relocate.

2) Present Them To The New Community

You should take your dogs to their new neighborhood as much as possible. You can mix the two exercises if they are close enough to one another.

Bring your dogs along so they may explore the new location and smell the flowers. It would help if you allowed them to peek inside the new house, assuming you already have the keys. They may have already decided on a favored spot. Anything can be marked as theirs, so you won't have to deal with it when you bring it in.

Your pets will adjust more quickly if they have spent more time in your new home before you move in. If this were to occur, accidents during the night might be less familiar.

3) Comply with Your Schedule

When you move, you might need to adjust your routine, which could complicate this work. You should, nevertheless, make every effort to be consistent.

If you walk your dog simultaneously every day, you should continue walking them at that time, even after the transfer. Safe and comfortable routines make it much easier for your pets to acclimatize to their new surroundings.

If you put yourself in their position, you must acknowledge that they have already been assigned a new house and are about to face an abrupt removal from their current one. It could be extremely upsetting if the routines they have become accustomed to also change.

4) Keep Them Away From Diversions

Have you ever tried to maintain composure while moving? It will be disastrous, particularly if you attempt to handle it with others.

Because they are blind or deaf, your pets could become lost in all the chaos. They could get terrified, especially if strangers come from your home.

These are some tips to assist you in maintaining your pets' composure. Initially, you may store them in a room that is off-limits to everyone. Fill it with their favorite treats, bed, and toys to make them happy.

An additional option is to hire a pet sitter. Your dogs can still receive the necessary care when you're not home.

5) Ensure that your pet is correctly identified

Your dogs may sneak away at the first opportunity, even if you make every effort to ensure they feel secure and at ease in their new home. Some dogs and cats can miss their time at their previous residence.

So, if they ever decide to leave the house, you must make sure you can locate them.

It is a must to have identifying tags on your dogs. They should also be microchipped so your pet may still be identifiable if the ID tag comes off.

6) Get Assistance from Professional Movers

Hiring a professional removalist can be a game-changer if you're feeling overburdened. When they arrive at your new location, they can unload all of your boxes and pack everything for you.

Some expert removalists Geelong will even care for the cleaning, so you won't have to do anything while the house is being moved. This will give you more time to tend to your pet during this trying time. After this, you and your cherished pets will both feel at ease.

If necessary, the movers might even handle your pet's transportation. They have moved many humans, so they will be specialists at relaxing pets and keeping them comfortable during relocation.

We won't object if you relocate your pet yourself for peace of mind!

7) Relocating with Pets Doesn't Have to Be Difficult

You shouldn't be concerned if you and your dogs have been suffering from relocation anxiety. Moving with your pet can be easy with our professional advice and the help of relocation pros, whether you're moving across town or the country.

Therefore, there's no reason to rush through doing it by yourself. Use pros to make your relocation less stressful and easy.


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